Grandview Area Residents Association 

Hard as it is to believe, Grandview Park improvements have begun. The first phase includes a storm water sewer upgrade designed to reduce flooding in our area.  Completion is planned for December 2017.  In the interim, we will still have restricted use of the park.

The second phase will bring the long awaited new facilities including a skateboard 'spot', washrooms with an adjacent shade area, an outdoor stage, a durable base for the ice rink, play equipment and a splash pad.  These projects will follow the sewer work with completion planned for the summer of 2018. 

Upcoming Events

GARA Executive Meetings are held in the Henderson Public School Library beginning at 7:30pm.

For the coming year our meetings will be on:
September 18th; October 16th; November 13th; December 11th;
January 15th; February 12th;
March 19th; April 16th;
May 14th; June TBA
All are welcome.

The Latest Developments on Yonge Street

Next Steps

The original buildings have now been demolished and Devron Developments is ready to begin work. Residents had a number of questions and so we got the answers:

  • The developers  have leased the houses neighbouring their site on Grandview Avenue.
  • They have also arranged with Acura across the street to allow for parking, 
  • Some cars will be parked on Grandview for some of the busier months.

Construction Waste and Dust:
 The Developer's  are committed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold accreditation, Construction will follow LEED’s guidelines regarding appropriate construction recycling and waste removal, along with construction dust control, measures which are more stringent than the typical construction standards.

Traffic Impacts:

  •  All construction traffic is to be directed via Yonge St., with no infiltration into the residential streets to the east.Construction traffic will be directed by flagmen to ensure  pedestrian access is safe and unobstructed.

  • The construction area has been optimized to accommodate the unloading of large construction deliveries eliminating the need for road closures on Yonge Street and Grandview Avenue.
  • The only exception will be during underground construction in Phase 2, when the excavated construction site cannot accommodate construction delivery staging. During this phase, a truck queuing area is required on Grandview. However since this small area is for queuing only, no physical work or unloading will be done in this area, and sufficient width is still maintained on Grandview Avenue to accommodate typical two-way traffic.   More details available  here.

Residents’ safety concerns have led GARA to successfully lobby City staff to study upgrades for two  intersections.  Based on safety metrics, staff recommend traffic lights be considered for the intersection of Henderson and Doncaster Avenues(see overview) and also a pedestrian crossing  for Grandview Avenue at  the pathway just west of Highland Park Blvd
(overview here).  If you would like to know more about the City's design consultations check here.

For the traffic lights, Markham will begin a detailed design process with input from nearby residents and Henderson Avenue Public School in 2017. Pending budget approval, construction will begin in 2018.  The pedestrian crossover  will be installed in 2017, also pending budget approval.

Special thanks to Mike Moselhy, Larry Joffe, Payman Berjis, Joseph Fiorini, Councillor Burke and City staff

 Many residents have asked what is happening at the South East Corner of Yonge Street and Grandview Avenue. .These photos show models of the planned building and parkette .

Construction is starting on a 25 storey building with 12,000 square feet of retail frontage on Yonge, office suites on the second floor and about 200 condominium apartments above, ranging from 522 to 1,379 square feet. Most parking will be below ground.  Frontage will be on both streets with traffic and site access from Grandview Avenue only. A small public parkette along the Grandview Avenue frontage will also be included. Target completion date is summer of 2019.

What's Happening in Grandview Park?

Welcome to the GARA website !

We hope by using our site you will be kept abreast of the latest changes, upcoming meetings or issues of importance in the area, and in turn you will become more involved with the place we all call home.

Even More Rail Traffic?

Do the risks of the current rail traffic through our neighbourhood worry you?  Would you be even more concerned if plans were being made to very significantly increase that rail freight movement?  Such plans are being proposed.  GARA is indeed concerned and so we are working towards effectively addressing the issues with the various appropriate levels of governments. 

If you share our concerns, please join us in signing  the petition at http://bit.ly/2ds6xTB.

TheRailway Development page provides more information. Click the tab above to learn more.

Safer Road Crossings Coming