Grandview Area Residents Association 

Our local politicians both need and want to hear from us .If you have questions or comments, here is a list of our representatives with contact information:

The new community  mail boxes are  in use.    If a resident has significant mobility issues and cannot access their mail box, accommodations can be arranged. If you have questions or concerns Canada Post can be reached at

1-844-454-3009.or visit canadapost.ca.

  • Mark Nykoluk, Senior Project Manager Capital Planning and Delivery Transportation Services, 905-830-4444 ex. 75938 mark.nykoluk@york.ca

  •  Nirmala Armstrong:  Markham Regional Councillor,  905-415-7534,  narmstrong@markham.ca

  • Valerie Burke: Markham Councillor, Ward 1, Phone: 905-479-7747 vburke@markham.ca

  • Joe Li, Markham Regional Councillor, Phone: 905-479-7749, joeli@markham.ca

  • Jack Heath, Markham Deputy Mayor, Phone: 905-415-7506, jheath@markham.ca

  • Jim Jones, Markham Regional Councillor, phone: 905-479-7757, jjones@markham.ca

  • Frank Scarpitti, Markham Mayor, Phone: 905-475-4872,  fscarpitti@markham.ca

Contact Our Local Representatives

Canada Post in our Neighbourhood

For Adults 55+

Ontario Early Years Centre Nearby

if you are the parent or caregiver of a preschool child, we have a wonderful resource connected to the Thornhill Community Centre. A satellite program also runs at Thornhill Public School.  


Ontario Early Years Centres are places where you can:

  • take part with their children in a range of programs and activities

  • get answers to questions

  • get information about programs and services that are available for young children and their families talk to early years professionals, as well as other parents and caregivers in the community.

Check it out at http://www.oeyc.edu.gov.on.ca/locations/oeyc.aspx?Center=444

Membership costing $30 per year  is  required,and is open to residents of the City of Markham and is also open to some non-residents. Non-residents are limited to 25% of the total membership. .

The Seniors Centre,is a 5,0000 square foot space in the Thornhill Community Centre comprising a reception area and lounge, kitchen, accessible washrooms,  three activity rooms and a snooker & games room. A further 2,000 square feet is used in the community hall for day-time operations. A gymnasium and therapeutic pool are available for certain programs as well. Community Centre facilities available to the Club include the library, computer lab in library space, skating rink and  fitness centre.

Thornhill Seniors Club is a non-profit community organization  for adults who are 55+ years. The centre offers an amazing  variety of activities and programs that make it very different from the classic idea of a slightly pitiful collection of stereotypical  events It is always bustling with a remarkable range of people enjoying a remarkable range of activities.This link  will connect you to a sample list of activities. 

City Services at your Fingertips

Need to check and see when the next garden garbage pickup is or want to ask about parking on your street?  Markham has an app for that and many other things besides.Now available free from I-tunes or the Google Play Store, this app is full of useful information and even includes the possibility of using your phone camera to report a problem to the by-law department.

Before and After School Childcare

Extended day childcare is available at Henderson School for students up to age 12.  Summer programs and activities for PA Days are also available.


City of Markham Emergency Management

Information regarding how to be prepared for all kinds of potential emergencies, including multilingual material and activities for children, can be accessed at:


Community Resources

We are lucky enough to be able to access many helpful resources in our community.  This is an evolving list - so please feel free to suggest others.