Grandview Area Residents Association 


 Constitution - Grandview Area Residents Association (GARA)

Adopted by the GARA Annual General Meeting, November 20th, 2014

Serving Thornhill residents in the area between Yonge St. and Bayview Ave., south of the CN tracks to Steeles Ave.
Our Mission
The Grandview Area Residents Association is a volunteer-based membership organization that acts as an
advocate to protect and enhance the experience of residents within the community.

Our Roles and Responsibilities
  1. To have a balanced understanding of issues based on the  spectrum of views within the neighbourhood
  2. To represent members and the greater community in a respectful manner on all issues
  3. To support communication and awareness of local concerns
  4. To act for the community in its dealings with all levels of government.

 The Executive Committee shall
be elected at an Annual General Meeting and shall comprise a maximum of twelve voting
members, and additional two youth members with non-voting privileges.
The Executive Committee shall
have the discretionary authority to remove any member who is absent from executive
meetings more than five times in a membership year. The executive committee
have discretionary authority to appoint a new member should a vacancy become

The Executive shall
have the power to create sub-committees and to define their powers.
Executive Committee members shall be expected to participate on these
subcommittees, as required. The Executive Committee reserves the authority to
remove individuals from subcommittees by way of an ordinary resolution at any

The GARA Executive Committee shall not
endorse any candidate in an election. However, this does not prevent individual committee members from doing
so as private citizens.

At all meetings of the Executive Committee, half +1 of the existing voting members shall form a quorum.
In case of time sensitive issues, email voting on executive business may be conducted and is binding.
The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of November or December each year.
At least 14 (fourteen) days notice shall be given in the case of the Annual General Meeting and/or Special
General Meeting, and such notice shall specify the business to be transacted at the meeting. Notice on the association website shall be considered sufficient.
A bank account shall be opened in the name of the Association, with an approved financial institution,
and all cheques drawn on the Association bank account shall be signed by either the Chair or Treasurer. The Treasurer shall keep a record of all income and expenditures and shall report on these at executive committee meetings.  The Treasurer shall also present an annual statement of income and expenditure at the Annual General Meeting.
Membership in the Association shall be open to all residents over the age of 18 (eighteen) and older living
and or owning residential property in the Association’s geographical catchment area – Bayview Ave., to the east, Yonge St., to the west, Steeles Ave., to the south and the CN railway tracks to the north. Each eligible member shall have one vote on issues that are put to a vote of the general membership.  The Executive Committee will determine what issues are to be voted on by the general membership.  Each member must be present at the meeting in
order to cast a vote.
No two members of the same household may hold elected positions on the GARA executive committee in order
to ensure a broad representation of community members.
Each apartment building,rental complex, Condominium Corporation, organization, association, council and
board may be represented by only one elected representative on the GARA executive committee in order to ensure a broad representation of community members.
The annual membership fee shall be fixed for each year at the Annual General Meeting, and any member
whose membership fees for the current membership year are in arrears shall forfeit all rights of membership at such meeting. Membership fees are set per household, while voting rights are per individual.
Resolutions at Annual and Special general meeting and at executive meetings shall be carried by simple
majorities, with the exception of amendments to the Constitution which will require a two-thirds majority of all member present at the AGM.
The minutes of an Executive Committee meeting shall be considered and approved at the next Executive Committee meeting.
The minutes of the Annual General Meeting shall be considered and approved at the first subsequent meeting
of the newly elected executive committee and shall be confirmed.
September 2014