GARA brings together and advocates for everyone living in the Grandview Area of Thornhill in the city of Markham, Ontario.
Our neighbourhood stretches from Yonge Street to Bayview Avenue and Steeles Avenue to the CN rail line.
We welcome you to our site and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You to the Spring 2022 Grandview Park Clean Up Crew!!

Huge Changes are coming to our Neighbourhood

The Yonge subway extension plans have spurred redevelopment proposals for the area around Yonge and Steeles and at the sites of planned stations further north. The size of the buildings and the number of people who will live in them is astounding. The future of our neighbourhood will be very different from what we have known and enjoyed. Read more here.

Coming Together and Getting to Know Each Other Better

Let’s get to know one another! How can we build an even better community? Tell us your thoughts.

Most of us on the GARA Executive have lived here for many years.  We work with GARA because we feel our neighbourhood is important to take care of and enjoy the sense of community.  However, we also know the 2016 census said that 40% of residents have moved to the neighbourhood within the last five years.  We believe old neighbours and new have a great deal in common.  We have come here looking for so many of the same things.  We asked ourselves how can we connect and get to know each other.

To start to build those plans, we have created a neighbourhood survey that we ask you all to complete.  Please take a few minutes to complete and encourage neighbours to join in too.

Not Done Yet!

It was wonderful to see our Grandview neighbours get to work in 2021 to protect their own trees and those in our park from LDD (Gypsy) moths. However, experts tell us we aren’t done yet.  Those pesky moths laid lots of eggs that are waiting to hatch out next spring. Our best defence is to remove as many of those eggs as possible between now and next spring when they would hatch.

Here’s how to do it. You can watch this video or read this to get some tips. If you need a little extra personal advice, Peter Cox, GARA’s Gardening Guy would be happy to chat. You can reach him at or 905 889-8963.

Need Local COVID 19 Information?

We have all experienced constant change and much uncertainty as COVID has impacted our lives. Unfortunately, much of the media coverage has centred on the City of Toronto.  Up to date information for the City of Markham can be found here.  Updates regarding schools for the York Region Board of Education and York Catholic District School Board are also available.
Do your part. Stop the spread of COVID-19

Looking for Local News?

Many of us miss having a regular source of local news.  Media coverage is almost entirely focussed on the City of Toronto.  If you are interested in local updates you may wish to check out the City's Deputy Mayor, Don Hamilton's newsletter.  You can see a copy and subscribe if you chose at

Also for updates about projects in our specific area you can check Counsellor Keith Irish's page or on the City's website The section entitled Proposed New Developments and Reference Material gives updates on various projects such as the Zonix proposal at 36 Highland Park and the rebuilding of E.J. Sands.