Unfortunately, in our neighbourhood over the past few months, there have been a number of cars stolen from driveways and homes broken into.  We have heard from neighbours how uncomfortable they feel knowing this has been happening. The York Region Police Service has created a portal which provides recent information regarding crimes committed in every area and street in the area.

Many of us have been wondering what we can do to protect our homes.  Is there anything that will actually make a difference? Members of the GARA Executive have gathered a number of useful resources to learn how to improve home security.  There is so much really helpful excellent information online to share.

First of all, you can take the provincial Home Security Challenge.  Find out if your home is likely to attract burglars and then  find out how to make it less appealing to them by taking care of your weak spots.

Home secured with a heavy chain and padlock

The York Region Police Service also offers very practical advice about how to secure possible illegal entry points into your home such as windows and doors and protect your vehicle. What to do if you're going way.  Even your landscaping can make a difference. Also they also offer advice about safety in apartment/condo buildings and their common areas.

If you prefer watching videos. the adjoining police service Durham region has produced 4 very interesting and helpful videos.

Training Video - Part I
Training Video - Part II
Training Video - Part III
Training Video - Part IV

Perhaps not as obviously threatening as a home break-in or car theft, scams focused on tricking us financially can  also be just as damaging. Know Who You're Dealing With produced by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police gives in depth of advice of how to protect ourselves from such fraudsters.

Besides these tips, we have the opportunity to harness the power of a caring neighbourhood.  As a result of their concerns, residents on several streets east of Henderson have started their own street-centred WhatsApp or email groups to keep in touch with each other and report any concerns they may have. A group like this can come together on an entire street or just within a single block. If you would like to join up with your near neighbours but have questions about how to get organized contact us at garamail@yahoo.com or phone 905 731-0284 and we will do our best help.