Yonge Street Development


  • The developers have leased the houses neighbouring their site on Grandview Avenue.
  • They have also arranged with Acura across the street to allow for parking,
  • Some cars will be parked on Grandview for some of the busier months.

Construction Waste and Dust:

The Developers are committed to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold accreditation; construction will follow LEED’s guidelines regarding appropriate construction recycling and waste removal, along with construction dust control, measures which are more stringent than the typical construction standards.

Traffic Impacts:

  • All construction traffic is to be directed via Yonge St., with no infiltration into the residential streets to the east.  Traffic will be directed by flagmen to ensure pedestrian access is safe and unobstructed.
  • The construction area has been optimized to accommodate the unloading of large construction deliveries eliminating the need for road closures on Yonge Street and Grandview Avenue. The only exception will be during underground construction in Phase 2 when the excavated construction site cannot accommodate construction delivery staging. During this phase, a truck queuing area is required on Grandview. However since this small area is for queuing only, no physical work or unloading will be done in this area, and sufficient width is still maintained on Grandview Avenue to accommodate typical two-way traffic. More details available here.