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Our neighbourhood will be almost unrecognizable within ten years. Work is moving ahead to build the North Yonge subway extension with a target completion date of 2029-30. Although plans are not yet finalized, it will consist of approximately 7.5 km of track from Finch to Langstaff Rd with likely four stations located at Steeles, Clark, Royal Orchard and Langstaff.

Already, numerous large developers are rushing to cash in on the opportunities created. At present, within the Yonge-Steeles Area, there are at least six major projects in various development stages. Because of our unusual location on the borders of Markham, Vaughan and Toronto, all three cities are engaged in considering the multiple projects. Those close by will have the most significant impact on our neighbourhood. However, others further north are also likely to impact our daily lives.

Location (Owner) Number of buildings Proposed Height (storeys) Proposed # of residential units Proposed Additional Population[1]
100 Steeles W (Salz) 4 18, 18, 49, 54  1,765  2,648
180 Steeles W (Mizrahi) 6 16, 16, 25, 29, 39, 45  2,080  3,120
2 Steeles W/ 7028 Yonge (Gupta) 3 50, 56, 65  1,890  3,137
36-60 Steeles E /37-63 Highland Pk (Zonix) 4 13,13,8,8     871  1,310
72 Steeles W/ 7040 Yonge (Humbold) 4 38, 44, 56, 60  2,620  3,930
7080 Yonge (Chestnut Hill) 2 20, 40     652     978
SUBTOTAL 23   9,878 15,123
[1] Assuming an average multiplier of 1.5 persons per unit

What is Our Response?

Representing the residents of our area, GARA is extremely concerned about the scope of the proposed developments and the apparent lack of planning to provide the necessary community infrastructure to support the added population.  Considering estimates suggest an additional 60,00 people will be living in the Yonge-Steeles area, the following issues need to be addressed:

  • lack of public park space
  • traffic grid-lock on main roads
  • traffic infiltration into residential neighbourhoods
  • the failure to provide additional capacity in community services such as libraries, community centres, schools and daycares.

GARA is working with neighbouring residents associations looking for ways to ensure these issues are addressed. We would welcome hearing your questions and concerns and will continue to update the community as more information becomes available.


UPDATE DECEMBER 2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Zonix development proposal for Steeles and Highland Park Avenues

It is GARA's understanding that plans for the area between Steeles Avenue and Highland Park Ave, Dudley to Woodward have been put on hold by the developer while they follow the city's Planning staff recommendation that the Yonge Street Secondary Plan be completed first.

Graphic showing heights of new buildings proposed for Yonge and Steeles